Here's what others say about me..


Michael and I collaborated on a TV documentary that required a hardship assignment: filming vineyards in Burgundy, France, and interviewing a famous winemaker. Throughout our toils, Michael (and his outstanding crew) were top-notch professionals. He has an excellent eye, is a font of ideas, and immediately grasped the visual style of our program. In truth, we actually did have a hardship, in that we had to film in the pouring rain and the production van got mired in Burgundy mud. All four of us had to push for an hour to free the van, and we became mud-splattered. But Michael was cheery throughout, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Michael Sanders."

Michael West, Executive Producer - Kurtis Productions Chicago.

Michael is a highly creative and sensitive cameraman who I’ve enjoyed working with for several years. He is very good with interviewees and always helps put them at their ease. Michael will always go the extra mile to get the very best results.
I have used Michael on our recent productions with Channel 4 - "The Girl Who Forgave the Nazis", "The Paedophile Next Door" and "Heroes of Helmand", and he also helped shoot our BBC2 series "Britain’s Greatest Generation"

Steve Humphries, Managing Director Testimony Films



“Michael is a brilliant DOP and a pleasure to work with. I've worked as a producer on numerous projects with Michael and he's always solution driven and equally as proficient at lighting and shooting creative drama as well as factual programs. He's also a friendly and calming influence on set and I would definitely recommend him for any project; big or small”

Robin Whitten - Freelance Director

Michael's a great DOP who knows his kit and craft inside out.  He'll always have a good idea in his back pocket to make a project even better, and can improvise in the event of a curveball coming his way.  I've worked with him on 12-man dramatic shoots and half-hour voxpops, and he scales himself to the occasion seamlessly. His van is a Mary Poppins bag of lights, sound and camera kit for all occasions. 


Michael is great to work with, he has first class camera and editing skills - he knows what is needed and gets on with it,  And he is one of those editors who can make a picture-challenged piece "sing"

Rebecca Couper, Media and communications Manager @ Drinkaware

He's also, crucially, a nice guy with a sense of humour who remains calm and courteous in the face of clients of all kinds, in shoots of all stress levels.   Highly recommended

Tim Gommersall - Good Ideas Group


“Michael is a welcome presence on any shoot for his steadfastness in the face of adversity, his humour, durability, great attitude and resourcefulness. He creates some of the best lighting I have ever seen and never ceases to strive for the best outcomes”

Tim Langford - Freelance Producer/Director


Mike has to be one of the most technically savvy DoP's I've met, I actually think his eye has a built in light meter and focal length chart. Mike has got a great eye, but is also not too proud to volunteer idea after idea, and is great fun to work with both on set and on location. He's the guy you want around on those tricky (or not so tricky) shoots.

Karl Lear, Director Pangaea TV



Michael's easy-going, knows his stuff and makes the job fun. I'd have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone in need of a good lighting cameraman.

Ross Young, Freelance Director